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The Apparent Link of Cell Phones to Vehicle Collisions

20 Mar The Apparent Link of Cell Phones to Vehicle Collisions

Cell phones are everywhere, and they’ve been put in almost everyone’s hands in a fast way. Amazing even to think how twenty years ago cell phones were still just a commodity, and now everyone has one. Obviously, these cell phones contribute to some accidents, because the use of the cell phone can distract the driver from driving safely. But that makes it just another distraction in what should be a distraction-free activity right? Right, and it’s also important to remember that a conversation carried on with a passenger, or a radio on, can cause as equal of a distraction as a cell phone. But what most experts, and advocates, agree on, is that it’s the cell phones integration into the driving equation—the hand to the ear, the checking of the screen, reading texts, looking at internet, etc. that contributes greatly to a lack of attention on the activity of driving.

For what the phone is used for obviously adds to the possibility of an increase in crashes. Yes, someone may be able to have a conversation through a cell phone, and the distraction will be equal to that of speaking with someone in the passenger seat (most new cars also come with Bluetooth connectivity that allows conversations over the phone to take place through a microphone in the dash, while the recipient’s voice is played through the car’s speakers). Obviously if someone is paying attention to a phone’s screen, checking the score of the game, email, a text message (the possibility or combination of possibilities are seemingly endless, right?) then the likelihood that a person will fail to notice something important while driving, something for which there should be an immediate reaction, seems far greater.


If you have been the victim of a car collision, and you suspect that the person driving the other car was under the influence of a cell phone, it’s important to explain that to the officers who come to investigate the crash, or, if no officer is called, it’s important to note the evidence of cell phone use for your insurance company, or your attorney.

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