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Drunk Driving-Who’s Responsible for Damages?

15 Apr Drunk Driving-Who’s Responsible for Damages?

In the last few years, instances of drinking and driving have become more and more frequent, making the roads potential unsafe for everyone driving on them. The ease and availability of alcohol makes it incredibly popular among people of all ages, which while dangerous it itself, makes driving completely unsafe. Unfortunately, many people are unable to articulate how inebriated they are, lack the awareness of such, or are not stopped and helped by a peer, and manage to operate the vehicle enough to make the roads unsafe. Because crashes and injuries often happen during instances of drunk drivers, a question that is asked regularly in the cases of damage: who is to blame, and who will pay for damages?

Because drinking and driving is such a prominent aspect of many late nights, it can result in not only severe damage of both property and human bodies, but also fatalities. When it comes to these situations, it can be tricky to assign responsibility for damages; however, almost every single time, the individual that chose to drive intoxicated is to blame. Driving drunk debilitates the brain in such a way that the vehicle operator will often drive on the wrong side of the road, on and over sidewalks, fail to stop at red lights, stop signs, and especially crosswalks where a pedestrian may be walking. Because of the ease in which a drunk driver can end the lives of those around them, it is nearly almost always certain that unless they are killed by their own miscalculated actions, they will take full responsibility for the damages caused.

It is important when involved in a case of a possible drunk driver to know the repercussions of their actions were something to happen, which in most cases, does indeed happen. If your or someone you know and care about has been affected by a drunk driver, understand your rights and rest assured that they decided do engage in something not only illegal, but highly dangerous, and will in most cases be held responsible.

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