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Personal Injury Lawyer Billings MT

14 Dec Personal Injury Lawyer Billings MT

An Attorney for Personal Injury
Personal injury. 
We read about it everyday in the local paper.  The headlines vary: negligent driver blows through a stop sign and strikes another vehicle; a bike rider riding with the flow of traffic is clipped by a vehicle and tossed onto the pavement.  News cameras and photographers documenting the scene of someone on a back brace being loaded into an ambulance.  It happens every single day.

The incident of injury is very unfortunate, but also the costs that arise from being treated for such an injury can be overwhelming.  Consider the ambulance ride to the hospital, the time spent in a hospital bed being treated, maybe the time a victim is forced away from work.  The costs are significant.  And, while the police and the ambulance are on the scene to protect the victim, a good attorney is there to protect them after.

Personal Injury Lawyer Billings MT
But what about insurance?  Insurance companies under Montana Law are required to reach a fair settlement swiftly, if the company determines that the insured is clearly the victim.  This may sound comforting, but what if there is a hiccup at the insurance company.  What if the insurance company’s investigation is complicated, and through the process of investigation it takes significantly more time to process the settlement?

What happens when the bills start piling up, and there’s no fair settlement?  Many times insurance companies may struggle to determine who is reasonably liable in a personal injury case, and this can delay settlement to the victim.    This is where having a knowledgeable attorney becomes important.  You have rights as a victim of personal injury.  A quality attorney will work with you to determine what you are owed.

Most often you need an attorney when things are not going well.  You need an attorney to protect your rights under the laws of our state.  You need an attorney who wants to help you through your problem, work with you as a member of a team, a team that’s looking out for you.  Sometimes life isn’t fair, but a good attorney will do his best under the rule of law to try and restore it.

If you are in need of a Personal Injury Lawyer, please contact us today!

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