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State of Montana Child Support Guidelines

14 Dec State of Montana Child Support Guidelines

For most parents a child’s needs far outweigh their own.  A child should be safe, clothed, fed, and educated.  But what happens when one parent refuses their rights to the child?  What happens when one parent decides that they don’t want the responsibility of taking care of children, and they walk out?  What happens to a child when his or her parents divorce?  Thankfully, the State of Montana also understands a child’s needs.  The State of Montana enforces a child’s rights when two people who share a child are not together, and one of these protections is child support.  Child support payment are intended to meet the monetary demands of taking care of a child.  Payments are usually decided upon by both the parents of the child and the court, and could affect both parents, although, most often, it’s the non-custodial parent who pays the greatest sum of child support.

The State of Montana has child support guidelines.  These guidelines outline a fee schedule which is determined by the finances of both parents, the living arrangements of the child–this could and often does include a parenting plan.  It is not a set amount, however, and the guidelines also consider how many children are involved.  If the child has regular medical care needs these will also be addressed in the fee schedule.

Raising a child is an expensive responsibility, and oftentimes single parents struggle to make ends meet.  For many the daily cost of living is expensive—there could even be the cost of daycare for the working parent.  Child support payments help to ensure that that single parent wont have to do it all alone.  This is why it’s important, when someone’s filing for child support payments, to consider hiring an attorney, who understands the law.  A knowledgeable attorney, who has your best interests in mind.  Also, an attorney can help the non-custodial parent from paying beyond her or her financial responsibility.  The child support system is meant to be a fair system for both parties—the amounts will be calculated based upon predetermined guidelines—and it is in place so that both parents have an equal responsibility in the financial care of their child.

If you are in need of a Family Law Attorney to assist with child support, please contact us today!


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